Here’s what a few of our clients are saying…

The renewed emphasis on biking and walking has put a higher standard of safety and enforcement awareness on law enforcement. Most training budgets just don’t have room and little potential to expand in this day and age. WE BIKE understands this and knows how to work around it. Peter Flucke is former law enforcement and Tracy Flucke has worked with law enforcement and municipal budgets for many years. They quickly gain the officers attention and trust in a topic that, let’s say, doesn’t grab the interest of the latest tactical training. Their extensive knowledge and experience will bring your agency up to date in this often overlooked traffic safety and enforcement area.

Captain Randy Schultz
Patrol Division Director
Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin


Peter is uniquely qualified to provide both bicycle and pedestrian safety training to law enforcement, and education to the general public.  We are fortunate to have been able to bring him to Idaho a couple of times to provide training to officers across the state.  In addition to providing expert training he has willingly provide live interviews to the media, and attended public meetings to discuss hot topics with bicycle and pedestrian advocates in our community.  Peter has the ability to analyze the physical environment, he is an expert on the requirements of our various laws, he understands human behavior and how the combination of each one of these affects our most vulnerable roadway users.   I would highly recommend him to any community who wishes to bring training and awareness to a myriad of issues surrounding bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety. 

 Josephine Middleton
Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Program Manager
Idaho Office of Highway Safety


Peter and Tracy Flucke of WE BIKE have been a pleasure to work with on the Ashwaubenon School District’s Safe Routes to School project at Valley View Elementary. Their expertise, energy and passion have helped make the project a success. 

Peter and Tracy’s contribution went well beyond the infrastructure aspect of designing and building paths. They enhanced the project’s impact by educating our staff and school families, and expanded its impact by extending its reach into our entire community. WE BIKE certainly understands all five E’s – Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation. 

We at the Ashwaubenon School District highly recommend Peter and Tracy Flucke at WE BIKE and would not hesitate to involve them again on similar projects. 

Brad Taylor
Information Coordinator
Ashwaubenon School District, Wisconsin


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill contracted with WE BIKE, etc. in 2012 and 2013 to facilitate several training courses for law
enforcement officers, as part of the Watch for Me NC pedestrian safety program (www.watchformenc.org). Through that effort, WE BIKE, etc. trained several dozen officers on the importance of pedestrian and bicycle safety, relevant North Carolina laws, and best practices for effective law enforcement to prevent crashes. Officers were surveyed before and after the trainings regarding their knowledge and attitude of key safety concepts. Survey results found that officers who took the course showed substantial improvement in their knowledge of the issues, their attitude regarding the importance of pedestrian safety, and their commitment to conducting enforcement and sense of capacity to help reduce pedestrian crashes. Many agencies in the region are now more active than ever in promoting pedestrian and bicycle safety in partnership with the Watch for Me NC program. We are very thankful to the WE BIKE, etc. staff for their expertise and professionalism in offering these courses and assisting us in building the capacity of our local law enforcement officers to make a stronger impact in improving the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and all road users.

Laura Sandt
Senior Research Associate
UNC Highway Safety Research Center
Chapel Hill, North Carolina


The Capital District Transportation Committee contracted with WE BIKE twice; once for the full Continuum of Bicycle and Pedestrian Training for Law Enforcement and again for a follow-up two day training course. Both times we were extremely impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and commitment we received. Peter and his staff worked with us to bridge the gap between traditional transportation planning and enforcement agencies. The new partnerships developed as a result of WE BIKE’s work are having a tremendous effect on bicycle and pedestrian safety in the Capital Region.

It truly was a pleasure working with WE BIKE and would recommend them for any bicycle or pedestrian related project.

Jason Purvis
Senior Transportation Planner
Capital District Transportation Committee
Albany, New York


Peter has proven to be an invaluable asset to our efforts to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety in New Orleans. His extensive knowledge of traffic laws and attention to detail resulted in the creation of a workshop and a variety of support materials modeled after the successful program he crafted for Wisconsin. 

Additionally, his background in law enforcement provided an understanding of law enforcement culture that was essential in establishing effective relationships with our local police jurisdictions. We look forward to continued collaboration with WE BIKE, etc. in building and strengthening our pedestrian and bicycle safety efforts.

Dan Jatres
Regional Planning Commission
Pedestrian and Bicycle Programs
New Orleans, Louisiana


Peter Flucke was extremely responsive to our needs, including a change in schedule to accommodate an opportunity with one of the police departments. He has a great grasp of the material and delivered trainings that educated and motivated. Based on early response to the training opportunity it was clear that influencing PDs would be more challenging than anticipated and Peter boosted his effort to reach our audiences.

WE BIKE worked with us to build more extensive evaluation into the program and this helped to provide us with the accountability we need. One of our outcomes is a tool box that will be very useful as we continue to build the enforcement aspect of our project. 

WE BIKE is a valuable provider of the public safety training that will help make communities more bikeable and walkable.

Joan Pasiuk
Program Director
Bike Walk Twin Cities


Peter worked with our program to create a training that met the specific needs of our officers and the unique environment in which they work. My experience with him has been nothing but positive, and the feedback from training attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

Brigit E. Brown
State Trails Coordinator
Wisconsin State Park System


We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Peter Flucke of WE BIKE, etc. on a local bicycle safety collaboration in Dane County, Wisconsin. Peter’s focus is getting the work done well and meeting his client’s objectives, stated and unstated. He has a capacity to bridge cultures in our case, that of the bicycling community and law enforcement and to bring about effective change.

Thanks to Peter’s effective leadership, we accomplished a great deal during the course of our one-year project. Accomplishments include production of two high-quality television public service announcements, a cadre of police officers from agencies across our county trained and mobilized to enforce bicycle safety laws, and expanded engagement of the bicycling community in efforts to educate bicyclists on traffic safety laws.
Peter is an asset to any bicycling safety effort.

Cheryl Wittke
Executive Director
Safe Community Coalition
Madison, Wisconsin


Thank you for the trail safety assessment work that you did for the Brown County Parks Department on the Fox River and Mountain-Bay State Recreational Trails. Your report is well-organized, thorough and provides insights and recommendations that will help our department maintain a safe, enjoyable experience for our trail users.

I thought you did a very good job putting together the media packet – I’ll feel better able to express the facts and realities of trail safety issues. The trail safety survey was also complete with a number of good suggestions to make the trail safer. Sometimes as managers we become so familiar with the trail that we fail to look at it from new angles and perspectives! It will be a great “punch list” for our trail rangers to tackle this season.

I think you’ve accomplished our goals as outlined in the contract. I appreciate your efforts and have enjoyed working with you on the project.

Doug Hartman
Assistant Parks Director
Brown County Parks Department, Wisconsin


Recently the La Crosse County Health Department partnered with the School District of La Crosse to bring the expertise of Peter Flucke of WE BIKE, etc., to La Crosse, Wisconsin to offer a 2-day intense bicycle education training to physical education staff.

The purpose of this training was to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools to feel comfortable incorporating bicycle education into their classroom.

In working with Mr. Flucke to plan the training it became evident that his dedication, knowledge, and experience surpassed our expectations. Mr. Flucke also assisted with individual meetings with local law enforcement agencies to discuss bicycle and pedestrian related issues and we found the experience will enhance our County’s efforts to promote safety of bicycles and pedestrians of all ages. WE BIKE was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing the relationship in the future.

Virginia Loehr
Safe Routes to School Coordinator
La Crosse County Health Department, Wisconsin



Sheboygan County contracted with WE BIKE, etc to assist in multiple initiatives associated with the County’s Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program. From the beginning, Peter Flucke and WE BIKE, etc. provided critical assistance on Safe Routes to Schools, analysis of bicycle/motor vehicle crashes, Law Enforcement safety training, and bicycle and pedestrian safety. Many of the products from these tasks were incorporated into the County’s Comprehensive Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan.

WE BIKE, etc. definitely provides great value to clients and offers a rare combination of expertise, responsiveness to client concerns, and willingness to work collaboratively.

Mary R. Ebeling
Program Manager
Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot
Sheboygan County Planning and Resources, Wisconsin


WE BIKE, etc. provided the expertise, knowledge, and direction that our municipality needed in order to complete our pedestrian and bicycle facilities plan. From staff meetings to board presentations, the professionalism that WE BIKE brought was exemplary. The Village now has a long term plan to use as a guide for future park, trail, and street projects. This plan is an enormous benefit to our residents and surrounding communities that will navigate pedestrians and bicycles safely through Little Chute and the Fox Cities.

Tom Flick
Former Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Little Chute, Wisconsin


WE BIKE is a great partner for Public Health projects. 

Brown County Public Health staff know it is important for residents to walk and bicycle more for improved health.  We also saw that the community facilities and infrastructure were keeping our residents from doing this for everyday exercise.  We had part of the expertise needed to change these things.  WE BIKE had what we were missing.

WE BIKE staff has knowledge in the areas of facility design and safety, safe walking and bicycling actions and law enforcement for bicyclists and pedestrians. Public health staff bring to the table health education messages, organization and educational advocacy skills, along with a knowledge of governmental processes.

Together this combination has proven very successful in BrownCounty. We needed a progressive partner to help us change the total environment, engineering, education and enforcement.  WE BIKE was a perfect fit.

Rebecca Nyberg, CHES
Brown County Health Department
Green Bay, Wisconsin


I am writing this letter to state my full support of Mr. Peter Flucke and WE BIKE as it pertains to providing high quality bicycle safety consultation. Mr. Flucke made himself readily available to my staff and I at every point during the program planning phase… I knew that our kids were enjoying the program, as it showed on their faces during programming, but it was when the parents of the kids would come in and talk about how happy their kids were and how happy they, the parents, were about all of the safety that we have woven into the program that I knew we were fortunate to have worked with Mr. Flucke.

I would like to highly recommend Peter Flucke and WE BIKE as a bicycling consultant for any of your bicycle safety course design, implementation, and or instruction.

Rashad Cobb
Health & Life Skills Coordinator
Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay
Green Bay, Wisconsin