Engineering Projects

The highway safety triangle model (engineering, education and enforcement) for increasing traffic safety has proven effective for many years. The three elements contribute directly to traffic safety, including that of pedestrians and bicyclists. Without properly designed trails and roadways, pedestrian, bicyclist and motorist safety can fail. Good design encourages good behavior. WE BIKE has worked with many clients to help them design bicycle and pedestrian facilities that work for all users.  

Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities Recommendations

Village of Little Chute, Wisconsin

WE BIKE completed supplement #1 of the Village’s Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan through the use of detailed community data, site surveys and public involvement. Community members and leaders understood the need for pedestrian and bicycle safety, mobility and access, which allowed for the development of a plan that provided recommendations for specific pedestrian and bicycle facilities within the Village of Little Chute.


Wausau Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Wausau Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Wisconsin

WE BIKE partnered with Toole Design Group to update the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the Wausau Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. The objectives of the Plan included: Providing an implementable plan; Connecting nodes and destinations; Identifying connections to other modes; Expanding the existing network; Identifying short-and long-range pedestrian and bicycle improvements; Promoting safe non-motorized travel and maximizing stakeholder involvement.

Planning and Engineering for Walking and Bicycling in Traffic Course

East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Wisconsin

The Planning and Engineering for Walking and Bicycling in Traffic Course was taught to county and municipal engineers and planners from the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning District. This one-day course developed by WE BIKE teaches participants how to design bicycle and pedestrian facilities to encourage proper use and improve safety. The course also shows participants how to incorporate the need for education and enforcement into the design, development and use of the new bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Teaching Safe Bicycling Workshops

Wisconsin Department of Transportation/Bureau of Transportation Safety

Teaching Safe Bicycling is a Train-the-Trainer workshop designed to provide adult students with the skills to host a youth bicycle rodeo in their communities. The workshop uses a combination of classroom and hands-on-instruction. Participants learn tips and skills to improve bicycle safety, and how to identify and avoid common bicycling hazards. They also learn how children differ from adults as cyclists. Peter Flucke of WE BIKE began teaching this course in 1993 and became an Instructor Trainer in 2000.

Safe Routes to School Projects

Village of Howard and the Ashwaubenon School District, Wisconsin

The Village of Howard’s project focused on education and enforcement. Safe bicycling and walking presentations were provided for all school district third, fourth and fifth graders. Bicycling and walking education was presented to parents, teachers, and administrators through the school district and village websites. Law enforcement was engaged through training and materials.

The Ashwaubenon School District’s program included activities similiar to the Village of Howard project. Design and engineering of a multi-use path at Valley View School was also part of the project. WE BIKE was involved in parent/user education, law enforcement training and development of materials to encourage safe use of the new path.

Smart Cycling Courses

League of American Bicyclists

Peter Flucke is a League Cycling Instructor (#327) and teaches Smart Cycling through the League of American Bicyclists. The course is designed for all bicyclists and meets the need of any rider from beginner to experienced. The curriculum is designed to develop confidence and competence of a bicycle rider. Students will learn about choosing a bicycle, basic parts of a bicycle, essential equipment, as well as how to safely and comfortably ride your bike in various traffic conditions, terrain and climates.


Education Projects

Education is a powerful tool for changing behavior and improving safety skills. Without education, crashes increase due to the lack of proper prevention. WE BIKE provides effective education programs by targeting community-specific problems. Crash data analysis gives comprehensive feedback on how community engineering and enforcement can prevent crashes and make pedestrians and bicyclists safer. WE BIKE has helped clients educate a wide range of stakeholders.  

Enforcement Projects

The highway safety triangle model (engineering, education and enforcement) for increasing traffic safety has proven itself effective for many years. The three elements contribute directly to traffic safety, including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. With proper enforcement of pedestrian, biking and motorists laws, crashes can be prevented and lives can be saved. WE BIKE works nationally  training law enforcement personnel in how to enforce laws to make it safer for all road users through the Continuum of Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training for Law Enforcement.  

Wisconsin Department of Transportation


Peter Flucke has been a national leader in law enforcement training to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety since 1995 when he created the two-day Enforcement for Bicycle Safety (EBS) course. This course was designed to give law enforcement officers the basic safety information needed to manage traffic and provide a safe bicycling environment in their communities. In 2006, EBS was updated and expanded  to include pedestrian safety information and the course was renamed  Pedestrian & Bicycle Law Enforcement Training Course. Both courses have been taught to officers throughout Wisconsin and nationally and have become models for increasing officer’s subject knowledge as well as their desire to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety through the enforcement of laws.

Bike Cleveland, Ohio


WE BIKE partnered with Bike Cleveland beginning in 2013 to implement the Continuum of Training in Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement. The continuum culminated with the teaching of the two-day Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement Course for select officers.

Work continues with Bike Cleveland to expand the law enforcement curriculum with the development of an Enforcement for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Pocket Guide and Roll Call Training. Over the years several Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement courses have been taught with an instructor course held in 2017.


University of North Carolina - Highway Traffic Research Center/Department of Transportation, North Carolina


WE BIKE President, Peter Flucke served as the lead instructor for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Law enforcement training portion of the Watch for Me NC Safety Campaign. Three two-day Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Saftey courses were taught as part of the project.


Using Training to Engage Law Enforcement

Pro Walk/Pro Bike International Conference, Vancouver, BC. Canada

Law enforcement is one of the three E’s of the highway safety triangle, yet it is often ignored. WE BIKE staff taught participants how to engage law enforcement to inprove traffic safety. Participants learned the importance of involving law enforcement in traffic safety efforts and the process to engage them.

Community Design from the Seat of a Bicycle

Wisconsin/National City Managers Association Conference

This presentation included experiences from several major cross country bicycle trips. Peter and Tracy Flucke shared their trips, the different communities they visited and  firsthand experience with great and poor community design. The presentation focused on what community leaders need to keep in mind as they develop or redevelop their communities. The presentation was not only about improving a community for walking and bicycling, but how it improves the community as a whole.


Safe Routes to School - “We Bike Adventures"

East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

East Central contracted with WE BIKE to be guest speakers at several schools as part of their Safe Routes to School program. Presentations about our cross country bicycle trips were given. The multi-media presentations entertained and educated K – 6th grade students.



Presentations are a great tool to increase knowledge and change behavior. WE BIKE staff are experienced public speakers and can present to all types of audiences; including school age children, law enforcement professionals, community leaders, municipal staff, and planners and engineers.