Education is a powerful tool for changing behavior and improving safety skills. Without education, crashes increase due to the lack of proper prevention. WE BIKE provides effective education programs by targeting community-specific problems. Crash data analysis gives comprehensive feedback on how community engineering and enforcement can prevent crashes and keep pedestrians and bicyclists safer.

Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike can benefit from educational tools and messages that teach them the rules, rights and responsibilities of various modes of travel. There are major differences in the abilities, behavioral patterns and learning capacities of these different groups, allowing WE BIKE to tailored educational programs for all ages and experience levels.

Programs for Adults:

Walking and bicycling are becoming more popular modes of transportation for adults, yet still rely on cars for the majority of their transportation needs. Learning more about walking and bicycling greatly increases confidence and can be a great aid in learning to share the road more effectively.

Adults learn by attaching new concepts and ideas to things that they already know. Once educated, they will follow the rules of the road because they’ll know it’s safer, it’s courteous and it’s the law. WE BIKE, etc. helps communities get more adult cycling safely with workshops on basic cycling, commuting, bike repairs, long distance touring and more.

  • Traffic Skills 101
  • Traffic Skills 102
  • Group Riding
  • Commuting
  • Bicycling Skills 123
  • League Cycling Instructor Seminar
  • Teaching Safe Bicycling Workshops
  • Walking and Bicycling Workshops

Programs for Children:

Educational programs help develop children’s knowledge of proper safety techniques, allowing them to share the road safely and have fun!

  • Bicycling Skills 123 Youth
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Walking Safety
  • Bicycling Safety
  • Kids Bike Club

Program for Motorists:

WE BIKE, etc. helps educate motorists to safely share the road with cyclists and pedestrians. Motorists may not have any experience cycling, therefore may not understand the situations that confront bicyclists in traffic. The more motorists know about cycling safety, the safer streets will be for everyone.

WE BIKE’s training emphasizes the benefits of sharing the road, such as safer, more inviting streets with reduced crime, increased property value, a cleaner environment and an overall enhanced quality of life. WE BIKE is fact-based about why crashes happen and what risky behavior is, preventing future crashes.