WE BIKE’s planning and engineering expertise helps accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists in communities for recreation and transportation. From trail design and assessments to sidewalks and on road/off road bicycle facility recommendations, WE BIKE’s planning and engineering services will help integrate walking and bicycling for a safer and more sustainable community.


Education is a powerful tool for increasing knowledge, improving skills and changing behavior. Through pedestrian, bicycle and motorist education, residents will gain confidence to commute to work and school, run errands and be active for enjoyment. Create a healthier, more livable community with public service announcements, targeted education programs and outreach from WE BIKE, etc.


Law enforcement officers come in contact with pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists on a daily basis, allowing them to assist community efforts in pedestrian and bicycle safety. WE BIKE’s expertise in law enforcement gives unique perspective through its development and delivery of customized law enforcement training programs.

Advocacy & Encouragement

The presence of pedestrians and bicyclists in a community is a strong indicator of the health of the community. With proper engineering, education and enforcement, WE BIKE helps encourage citizens to walk and bike for recreation and transportation more often through work with local, state, and national organizations and communicty advocacy groups.

Expert Witness

The highway safety triangle model (engineering, education, and enforcement) for increasing traffic safety has proven itself to be effective for many years. Yet even with the three elements in place, crashes can happen. If expert testimony is needed for a bicycle or pedestrian accident, WE BIKE can help.