Peter Flucke

Peter Flucke is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation and Forestry and a minor in Environmental Law Enforcement.

Mr. Flucke was a law enforcement officer in the state of Minnesota for seven years. For five of those years, he was a law enforcement ranger with Hennepin Parks (now the Three Rivers Park District), one of the largest metropolitan park systems in the country. While at Hennepin Parks, Mr. Flucke created one of the first police bicycle patrols in the state.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the pedestrian and bicycle fields, Mr. Flucke has created and taught pedestrian and bicycle safety and education courses for children, adults, law enforcement officers, judges, attorneys, planners, engineers and maintenance personnel. He has developed community pedestrian/bicycle plans, written resource guides, trained police bike patrols, directed special events, lead bicycle tours and consulted on a wide variety of related topics. He is a well-respected presenter and an invaluable resource.

Mr. Flucke currently serves on the Brown County Traffic Safety Committee. He served for ten years each on the Wisconsin Governor’s Coordinating Bicycle Council and the Ashwaubenon Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee. He was on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Bike Fed for ten years as well, earning an Award of Excellence for his service.

Mr. Flucke is a nationally certified League Cycling Instructor and former Coach with the League of American Bicyclists, a Police Cyclist certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association and a Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Instructor with the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

Peter and his wife, Vice-President of WE BIKE, etc., Tracy Flucke, have completed three unsupported cross-country bicycle trips on their tandem; Northern Tier – 2014 (4,362 miles), Mississippi River – 2015 (3,052 miles), Historic Route 66 – 2016 (2,603 miles).

As an enthusiastic bicyclist, runner, and outdoors-man, Peter brings passion to his work to help communities and citizens improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access as he looks at the world through his bicyclist and pedestrian eyes.