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Check it out everyone! We traveled across the country on our bicycle and wrote a book about it! 

In many respects, Tracy and Peter Flucke are like many other active couples. They work a business together, they enjoy long-distance bicycling for exercise and fun, and their shared interests play a key role in building a strong and loving family. What sets them apart is the length to which they will go in the name of scratching their adventuresome itch – 4,362 miles to be exact.

Climb aboard and join the Fluckes on their tandem bicycle for their 2014 unsupported trip across the United States. Somehow, these determined personalities were able to endure the better part of seventy-two days within six inches of each other, surviving physical, logistical, and interpersonal challenges that made this an adventure of a lifetime.

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A Great Read!


Be careful if Tracy and Peter Flucke invite you to join them on a bicycle ride as you might not be back for a while. This adventuresome couple is just as likely to pedal across the USA as they are to enjoy a leisurely outing from their home in northeastern Wisconsin.


This time, the Fluckes invite you to join them on their epic 2016 ride along historic Route 66, the “Mother Road” that was billed as the best route from Chicago through St. Louis to Los Angeles when it was established in 1926. Tracy and Peter take turns sharing their perspectives of the challenges they faced in the form of heat, wind, and scarcity of services while enjoying all that America’s most iconic highway has to offer.

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What Others Are Saying:

  “Tracy and Peter have successfully pulled off two major challenges, bike riding huge distances and writing a book. They achieved success at both efforts. You may not enjoy riding thousands of miles, but you will enjoy reading about those who do.” 

                                                                   -Jeff Pagels, author of “Always Climbing Higher”


  “Coast to Coast on a Tandem should be read cover to cover by anyone interested in the details of cross-country bike touring.”

                                                         -Seth Portner, Executive Director, Warmshowers.org 


  “Getting two perspectives on the same sequence of events was both different and quite entertaining. I wanted to keep reading to find out what Tracy thought about Peter and vice versa!”

               -Andy Clarke, internationally recognized bicycle policy and planning expert 


  “A fascinating read for anyone who has ever dreamed big.” 

                                                           -Jacob VanSickle, Executive Director, Bike Cleveland


  “You will find yourselves drawn into their traveling adventure. This is just fun.”

                               -Tom Huber, former Wisconsin Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator 


  “Peter and Tracy take you on an adventure! Along the road you can’t help but get caught up in the highs  and lows of the journey. You anticipate what’s around the corner as they colorfully tell their story as individuals and as a couple. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself longing to explore!” 

                            -Christian Jensen, Executive Director, myTEAM TRIUMPH WI Chapter 


  “As lifelong bicyclists, always in search for the open road, my wife Lys and I found Peter and Tracy Flucke’s    new book “Coast to Coast on a Tandem” a delightful read. Whether you long to ride, want to find out how a couple buried in an adventure relate to one another, or are curious about what the world is waiting to teach you, this book keeps you turning its pages as it draws you into their adventure.” 

                                     -Dan and Lys Burden, two of the co-founders of Bikecentennial                                         (Adventure Cycling Association) 


  “What a joy to have a glimpse into such an adventure. In my opinion any adventure longer than thirty days is no longer a trip, it becomes a new way of life. Over thousands of miles these two have allowed us to see what this completely unexplored way of life would be like. Crossing some of our country’s largest landscapes in a way that requires such teamwork is simply riveting and makes for excellent reading.” 

               -Abraham Louis Clark, 3,000-mile solo run across America, and 9,000-mile bike ride around America, author of  “Running Water”