New Orleans, LA

Client: New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, Louisiana Department of Transportation


WE BIKE has been working with the Greater New Orleans Pedestrian & Bicycle Program and the Regional Planning Commission since 2007 to develop a law enforcement training program to complement pedestrian & bicycle engineering, education and encouragement efforts.


Following in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, this project has presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities.  While the infrastructure of the greater New Orleans area was virtually destroyed and an estimated 50% of the areas’ law enforcement officers left their jobs, the program being developed by WE BIKE has helped create a model for more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly law enforcement as the area rebuilds and grows.


To date WE BIKE has developed and pilot tested a pedestrian and bicycle safety course for law enforcement officers (Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety) and an expanded law enforcement training continuum. The course contains information in the following areas: What, Where, When, How, Who & Why of Walking and Bicycling, Highway Safety Triangle, Engineering, Bicycle Environment Audit, How Pedestrian & Bicycle Crashes Happen, Education, Pedestrian & Bicycle Laws, Enforcement, Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Actions, Crash Investigating & Reporting, and Potential Law Enforcement Partners. Currently, WE BIKE is developing an Instructor Training Course.


The PSA tagline which Mr. Flucke created, “It’s Safer, It’s Courteous and It’s the Law!”, has been adopted by the Pedestrian & Bicycle Program for use following focus group review.


Education, Enforcement, Encouragement


New Orleans, LA
Client: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, Federal Highway Administration


President of WE BIKE, Peter Flucke, co-instructed a How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan course for the City of New Orleans.


Planning, Education

New Orleans, LA

Client: Regional Planning Commission, Louisiana Department of Transportation, Louisiana Highway Safety
Commission, Federal Highway Administration


Peter Flucke, President of WE BIKE, presented at the Louisiana Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Summit, Enforcement for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety.


Education, Enforcement