WE BIKE, etc.

Specializing in pedestrian and bicycle consulting in the areas of engineering, education and enforcement.

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We're Writing a Book!

“Coast to Coast on a Tandem: Our  Adventure Crossing the USA on a Bicycle Built for Two” Watch for trip photos, videos and book excerpts. The book will be out later this year.

What We Do

WE BIKE, etc. provides a variety of services, a broad range of experience, and a certified expertise in the world of transportation infrastructure. Click below to explore the services we provide.

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Core Competencies


WE BIKE’s planning and engineering expertise helps accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists in communities for recreation and transportation. (Learn more…)


WE BIKE’s education expertise helps   all users of the traffic environment understand their rights, responsibilities and how to avoid common hazards.  (Learn more…)


WE BIKE’s enforcement experience and expertise helps law enforcement officers understand which laws to enforce for walkers, bicyclists and motorists, to improve pedestrian and bicyclists safety. (Learn more…)

Additional Services

Expert Witness

The highway safety triangle model(engineering, education, and enforcement) for increasing traffic safety has proven itself to be effective for many years.  Even with all three elements in place, crashes can happen. If expert testimony is needed for a bicycle or pedestrian accident, WE BIKE can help.

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Advocacy & Encouragement

The presence of pedestrians and bicyclists in a community is a strong indicator of the health of the community. With proper engineering, education and enforcement, WE BIKE helps encourage citizens to walk and bike for recreation and transportation more often through work with local, state and national organizations, and community advocacy groups.

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Big News

We're Writing a Book!

WE BIKE’s president Peter Flucke and vice president Tracy Flucke, the husband and wife team that makes this business work, have logged many miles on their beloved tandem bike. Their first cross-country trip, which found them pedaling over mountains and across time-zones, was so full of adventures and experiences, they decided to write a book about it. Expect it to hit the shelves in the Fall of 2017!