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Peter Flucke is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation and Forestry and a minor in Environmental Law Enforcement. 

Mr. Flucke was a law enforcement officer in the state of Minnesota for seven years. For five of those years, he was a law enforcement ranger with Hennepin Parks (now the Three Rivers Park District), one of the largest metropolitan park systems in the country. While at Hennepin Parks, Mr. Flucke created one of the first police bicycle patrols in the state.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the pedestrian and bicycle fields, Mr. Flucke has created and taught pedestrian and bicycle safety and education courses for children, adults, law enforcement officers, judges, attorneys, planners, engineers and maintenance personnel. He has developed community pedestrian/bicycle plans, written resource guides, trained police bike patrols, directed special events, lead bicycle tours and consulted on a wide variety of related topics. He is a well-respected presenter and an invaluable resource.

Mr. Flucke currently serves on the Brown County Traffic Safety Committee. He served for ten years each on the Wisconsin Governor’s Coordinating Bicycle Council and the Ashwaubenon Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee. He was on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Bike Fed for ten years as well, earning an Award of Excellence for his service. 

Mr. Flucke is a nationally certified League Cycling Instructor and former Coach with the League of American Bicyclists, a Police Cyclist certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association and a Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Instructor with the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

Peter and his wife, Vice-President of WE BIKE, etc., Tracy Flucke, have completed three unsupported cross-country bicycle trips on their tandem; Northern Tier – 2014 (4,362 miles), Mississippi River – 2015 (3,052 miles), Historic Route 66 – 2016 (2,603 miles).

As an enthusiastic bicyclist, runner, and outdoors-man, Peter brings passion to his work to help communities and citizens improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access as he looks at the world through his bicyclist and pedestrian eyes.

Peter Flucke,  President, WE BIKE, etc. LLC


Bachelor of Science Degree - University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point                                         Major – Recreation and Forestry, Minor – Environmental Law Enforcement


President & FounderWE BIKE, etc., LLC (1993 – Present)  Green Bay, WI                     Consulting firm specializing in engineering, education, enforcement, and encouragement for walking, bicycling and healthy communities

Park Ranger and Bicycle Patrol Officer (1989 – 1993)                                                           Suburban Hennepin Regional Park District, Minneapolis, MN

Law Enforcement Officer (1987 – 1989)                                                                                   Hutchinson, MN

Projects/Courses Taught

 Continuum of Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Training for Law Enforcement

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), WI  2005 – 2011, 2015 – 2017

Bike Cleveland, OH  2014 – 2017

Idaho Transportation Department, ID  2012, 2014, 2016

Governors’ Transportation Safety Committee, NY  2013 – 2016

New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, LA  2007 – 2015

University of North Carolina – Highway Safety Research Center/North Carolina                                 Department of Transportation, NC  2013 – 2014

Transit for Livable Communities/Bike Walk Twin Cities, MN  2011 – 2012

Capital District Transportation Committee, Albany, NY  2012

 Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Training for Law Enforcement Rangers

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), WI  2010 – 2016

Planning & Engineering for Walking & Bicycling in Traffic

East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, WI  2015

 Valley View Safe Routes to School Project

Ashwaubenon School District, WI  2013 – 2015

 Non-infrastructure Safe Routes to School Project

Village of Howard, WI  2014 – 2015

Wausau Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Toole Design Group/Wausau Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, WI  2014 – 2015

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operations: A How-To Guide

            Acclaro Research Solutions/National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. (NHTSA)  2014

Enforcement for Safe Routes to School Course

            East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission  2011 – 2013

Sheboygan County, WI  2009

Train-the-Trainer Bicycle Safety Course

Live54218, Brown County, WI  2013

 Streets Smarts/BikeEd/Effective Cycling – Traffic Skills 101/Road 1 Courses

            League of American Bicyclists (LAB)  1996-2000, 2003-2004, 2008, 2010-2012

Developing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Course

      Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center/FHWA  2009 – 2012

Peninsula State Park Trail Safety Assessment

            WDNR  2012

Stoughton Road Bicyclist Needs Assessment/Facilities Alternatives

            KL Engineering/WisDOT  2001 – 2011

 Education & Enforcement for Increased Walking & Bicycling

            Brown County Health Department, WI  2009 – 2011

 Safe Routes to School for Middle School Youth

Acclaro Research Solutions/NHTSA  2010 – 2011

 Designing for Pedestrian Safety Course

      Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center/FHWA  2011

 Walking and Bicycling Workshops

            WisDOT  2005, 2006, 2008 – 2010

 Teaching Safe Bicycling Workshops

            WisDOT  1993 – 1998, 1999 – Instructor Training, 2000, 2003 – 2009

 Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program

            Sheboygan County, WI  2006 – 2009

 Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

            Ashwaubenon, WI  2007 – 2009

 Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities Plan

            Little Chute, WI  2009

 Bicycle Transportation Map

            Brown County, WI  2007 – 2008

 Community Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement – Instructor Courses

            National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  2003, 2008

Community Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety for Law Enforcement

            Mid-America Regional Council, Missouri/Kansas  2008

 Pedestrian/Bicycle Information Center Web Site Review/Update

            University of North Carolina – Highway Safety Research Center  2007

 Dane County Bicycle Safety Project

            Safe Community Coalition of Madison & Dane County, WI  2005 – 2006

Trail Safety Assessment

            Brown County Parks, WI  2005         

Community Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement

            NHTSA  2001 – 2004

 League Cycling Instructor Seminars

            LAB  2002 – 2004

Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhanced Enforcement Project

            Bicycle Transportation Alliance and City of Portland, OR  2004

 Trails Plan

            City of Rothschild, WI 2003 – 2004

 Enforcement and Prosecution for Bicycle Safety

            WisDOT, Madison, WI  2003

Teaching at a Bicycle Safety Fair

      Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition  2003

Enforcement for Bicycle Safety

      WisDOT  1995 – 1998, 2000, Instructor Course  2001, 2003

 Road Hazard Identification Project Training

WisDOT  1996, 1999, 2000

 Planning and Engineering for Bicycling in Traffic

       WisDOT  1998, 2000


 Pro Walk/Pro Bike International Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada  2016                                 “Using Training to Engage Law Enforcement”

Wisconsin/National City Managers Association Conference, Middleton, WI  2016                         “Community Design from the Seat of a Bicycle”

 East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission 2015, 2016                                                   Safe Routes to School – “We Bike Adventures”

 Safe Routes to Schools National Conference 2011, 2016                                                                      “Engaging Law Enforcement in Safe Routes to Schools”

 We Bike Adventures                                                                                                                                          “We Bike Across America – 2014”                                                                                                                   “We Bike Mississippi River Trail – 2015”                                                                                                        “We Bike Historic Route 66 – 2016”

 Pro Walk/Pro Bike International Conference, Long Beach, CA  2012                                                      “Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Training for Law Enforcement”

Transit for Livable Communities Breakfast, Minneapolis, MN  2010                                                       Keynote Speech “Enforcement: The Misunderstood Tool of Livable Communities”

Walk-Bike New York Statewide Conference, New York, NY  2010                                                           “Enforcement: The Misunderstood Tool for Encouraging Sustainable Movement”

Suzy Favor Hamilton Running Camp, Green Bay, WI  2007, 2008                                                               “Running Safety”

Missouri Trails Summit, St. Louis, MO  2007                                                                                                   “The 3Es of Great Trails: Engineering, Education and Enforcement”, “Education for Great                Trails”, and “Enforcement for Great Trails”

Appleton School District, Appleton, WI  2007                                                                                                  “Safe Routes to School”

 Wisconsin Governor’s Annual Conference on Highway Safety, Madison, WI  2006                            “Wisconsin’s Pedestrian & Bicycle Law Enforcement Training Course”

Louisiana Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Summit, New Orleans, LA  2004                                                “Enforcement Programs for Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety”

Pro Walk/Pro Bike International Conference, Victoria, British Columbia  2004                                   “Educating Law Enforcement About Bikes”

 Washington State Bicycle Conference, Olympia, WA  2001                                                                       “Enforcement for Bicycle Safety”

Expert Panels

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), Transportation Enhancement Project      Review Committee  2008, 2009, 2010

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Working Group for the Pedestrian Safety Guidance for Communities  2006, 2007

WisDOT, Safe Routes to School Toolkit, 2006

League of American Bicyclists (LAB), The League Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Cycling, 2004

Wisconsin State Bicycle and Pedestrian Conference, “Design for Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities for Communities Large and Small”  2004

Wisconsin State Bicycle and Pedestrian Conference, “Motorists, Bicyclists, and Law Enforcement: Education, Enforcement & Communication”  2004

FHWA, NHTSA/PerformTech, Inc., Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety & Accommodation Course  2002

NHTSA, University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, Bicycle Expert System, 2002

NHTSA, University of North Carolina Pedestrian/Bicycle Information Center, Bikeability Checklist 2001

Boards and Committees

Brown County Traffic Safety Committee (WI)  2014 – 2017

Governor’s Coordinating Bicycle Council (WI)  2004 – 2013

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Ashwaubenon, WI)  2003 – 2013

Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin                                                                                                                             Board of Directors  1994 – 2003                                                                                                                    President  2000 – 2002                                                                                                                                   Advocacy Advisory Committee  2004 – 2008                                                                                               Education Committee  2009 – 2012

Green Bay Botanical Garden – Board of Directors  2006 – 2009

Open Space & Outdoor Recreation Plan Advisory Committee (Brown County, WI), 2008

League of American Bicyclists – Education Committee  2001 – 2006

Ashwaubenon (WI) School District Nutrition & Physical Activity Task Force 2004 – 2005

Expert Witness Testimonials

Kasdorf, Lewis, & Swietlik, S.C., Milwaukee, WI  2016

The Techmeier office of the Cochran Firm Wisconsin LLP, Milwaukee, WI  2015

Peterson, Berk & Cross, Green Bay, WI  2014 – 2015

Griessmeyer Law, Verona, WI  2012

Brady & O’Shea, P.C., Cedar Rapids, IA  2007 – 2008

Clifford & Raihala, S.C., Madison, WI  2006

Bouressa & Patteson, S.C., Green Bay, WI  2004

Stern & Ramthun, LLP, Milwaukee, WI  2001 – 2002


League Cycling Instructor (#327) – League of American Bicyclists

Police Cyclist – International Police Mountain Bike Association



       Excellence Award - Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin  2004

National Education Award – League of American Bicyclists  2000

Effective Cycling Instructor of the Year – League of American Bicyclists  1998

Certificate of Commendation – National Association of Governors’ Highway Safety                            Representatives  1996, 1998